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The Design Process

Clients are often not sure of the process of working with a landscape design firm. Let’s take the mystery out of the process.

Initial Consultation - James meets with a prospective client, typically at their home or project site. This is an introductory meeting to get to know one another and determine the needs of the client.

What are the client’s objectives for the project? What are their immediate needs, future needs? Is the project to be completed all at once or in phases over time? What is the best way to maximize the client's investment?

There is no charge for the initial consultation.

Contract and Design Estimate – James provides a design contract that clearly defines for the client the services to be provided. An overall design project estimate can be provided with defined milestones, schedule and deliverables. James furnishes regular updates to make sure the client fully understands all fees and charges incurred as the design process progresses.

Preliminary Design – James prepares or obtains a property base map to provide an overall outline of the boundaries of the project. Design sketches incorporating the initial consultation input are created and reviewed with the client. Changes are made to the initial design as required/requested by the client. Several meetings may take place throughout the preliminary design process to fine-tune the design to meet the client’s expectations.

Final Design Drawings – The final design refines the ideas discussed and reviewed during the preliminary process. It will clearly specify plants by type, size and placement. Hardscape layout and materials, pool/spa design are specified in the final drawings. These drawings serve as the basis for obtaining installation quotes.

Bidding Process – James works with a number of landscape installation firms that he can recommend. The client may use a recommended firm or an alternate firm that the client may already be acquainted with. James can assist the client in the evaluation of bids and the selection of an installation company.

Construction Management – James is available to supervise the overall construction process on behalf of the client. He can provide assistance in the selection of all installation elements or features (tile, paving materials, etc).

Accessories and Other Services – James has extensive experience in the selection and purchase of exterior accessories such as pottery, furniture, and garden ornaments. James can also recommend firms to maintain the property after installation is completed.